Google home overview

Google Home overview

Google used to be a web-based platform where you need to type in the exact right words to hopefully find some information. Later on, it became a verb – “just google it!” Doctors everywhere hated Dr. Google but the general population fell in love with the ease of information gathering. Nowadays we have smart technology […]


Why you need a smoothie maker instead of a blender

This is a question that everyone who is getting into smoothies asks themselves. Although there’s not much difference, you have to know which one is the best for your purposes. Price The difference here is very significant, and it can affect a lot of your decision depending on your budget. There’s a wide range of […]

Security Cameras 101

You might have noticed that wireless security cameras are rapidly growing in popularity nowadays. That begs the question; who needs a wireless security camera? Anyone who is concerned about the security of their home or business should consider investing in a surveillance camera or a multi-surveillance security system. There is a wide range of security […]