Stephen S. Hughes is a Labour Member of the European Parliament (first elected 1984) to represent the Durham & Blaydon European Constituency (comprising the Westminster constituencies of Bishop Auckland, Blaydon, Darlington, Easington, North Durham, North West Durham Sedgefield and Durham City). He has served continuously since and was re-elected in June 2004 to represent the North East Region.

Welcome to the official website of Stephen Hughes MEP

Welcome to my website and many thanks for your visit.

I am the Labour MEP representing 2.5 million people in the North-East region of England in the European Parliament.

The region covers Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, Durham and the Tees Valley.

Personal Details

Stephen Skipsey Hughes was born in Sunderland on 19th August 1952 but was raised in Haswell Plough, County Durham. His father is a former miner and his mother is a homemaker. He was educated at St Leonard's in Durham City and St Bede's in Lanchester. He attended Leeds University and Newcastle Polytechnic where he was awarded the Diploma in Municipal Administration (DMA). Before being elected to the European Parliament he was a local government officer.

Stephen Hughes is a member of the GMB union and has, in the past, served as both Constituency Secretary and Election Agent on behalf of the Labour Party.

Stephen Hughes is married and lives in Darlington. He is the father of Gareth, Victoria, Elizabeth, Amelia and James.

Latest Press Releases

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(23.07.13) - Tories and Lib Dems vote down arms control measures

(05.07.13) - Historic Vote on new transparency rules for the extractive industries



(01.03.13) - Labour MEPs welcome today's Europe-wide 'Youth Guarantee'

(22.2.13) - Fish campaigners win EU 'discard' vote

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(12.10.12) - Hughes joins guitarist Brian May to stop "unnecessary badget cull"

(08.10.12) - MEP welcomes major report on trans and intersex people

(19.07.12) - "eCall" crash system could save lives

(19.07.12) - Access to Basic Banking is a Consumer Right says Labour MEP

(19.07.12) - Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

(19.06.12) - Follow on Forumla Milk

(25.05.12) - Online Platform on Viral Hepatitis and Liver Cancer

(10.05.12) - Labour MEPs Take Action on EU Spending

(19.04.12) - Viral Hepatitis and Liver Cancer Expert Platform

(13.03.12) - Fairtrade Fortnight

(01.02.12) - VAT on e-books

(02.02.12) - MEP Calls for EU-sponsored action to prevent cancer in 2012

(19.1.12) - MEP calls on Government to make recycling electronic waste easier

(16.12.11) - Stephen Hughes signs Equal Love Petition

(19.12.11) - Stephen Hughes welcomes the clean up in our regional water

(19.12.11) - Labour support EU-wide rights for whistleblowers

(19.12.11) - Britain is paying the price for Cameron's isolationism

(15.11.11) - Commission Fails to Act on Animal Welfare

(10.11.11) - Aster Fissehatsion

(08.11.11) - Euro Trade Register

(03.11.11) - Europe Means Responsible Business

(07.10.11) - Robin Hood Tax

(06.10.11) - Financial Transaction Tax

(29.09.11) - Agency Workers

(13.09.11) - Help Whistleblowers to prevent North Sea Oil Spills

(05.07.11) - Consumers win right to know origins of their Sunday roast

(22.06.11) - Stephen Hughes backs Fish Fight Chef's Campaign

(09.06.11) - Call for action after small businesses in North East billed for thousands

(07.06.11) - European Arrest Warrants

(13.05.11) - Call for Action to Bring Fish Back to our Seas

(12.05.11) - Call for Action in Fight Against Fraudsters

(21.04.11) - EU must end spurious Arrest Warrants

(07.04.11) - EU gives boost to North East Farmers

(31.03.11) - Cloning in the Food Chain

(31.03.11) - Victims' Rights Campaign for Brits Abroad

(29.03.11) - Baby Milk Eye Sight Claim

(15.03.11) - Foreign Drivers on North East Roads

(04.02.11) - EU must do more to tackle Alzheimer's

(03.02.11) - EU Targets to Tackle Mobile Phone Waste

(18.01.11) - EU Standards on Building Materials

(20.12.10) - EU Consumer Rights

(08.12.10) - Bus and Coach Passengers New EU Rules

(04.11.10) - Misuse of EU Funds

(30.09.10) - EU Proceedings Against France on The Roma

(09.09.10) - New Animal Testing Rules "Missed Opportunity"

(09.07.10) - New Rights for Boat, Bus and Coach Passengers

(01.07.10) - EU Mobile Phone Roaming Charges

(19.06.10) - Action to Stop Trade in Torture Instruments

(18.06.10) - Food Labelling

(16.6.10) - Translation Rules to Make EU Trials Fairer

(07.04.10) - Sort out Spanish Property Problems says MEP

(06.04.10) - MEP Promotes EU Teaching Resource

(24.03.10) - MEP Helps small firms beat recession

(02.03.2010) - MEP Welcomes Foreign Students to Carmel

(11.02.10) - Healthcare Workers - Needlestick Injuries

(02.02.2010) - EU Equality Law

(21.1.10) - Major Boost for Agency Workers

(26.11.09) - Protection for Airline Passengers

(10.11.09) - Unsolicited Direct Marketing Calls

(19.03.09) - No truth - Miss/Mrs

(04.03.09) - fight child pronography

(25.02.09) - Students Northumberland

(11.02.09) - EU Surplus Food Scheme

(11.02.09) - Text Charge Cuts

(06.02.09) - Beat the scammers

(04.02.09) - No thread for retained fire crews

(04.02.09) - Lindsay workers