What I Love about 4k Projectors

The latest version of 4k Projector has the following major feature:

a) It is small in size and design
b) It hosts the native 4k resolution
c) It makes use of laser system
d) It has an inbuilt audio system that Sony designed and fitted perfectly in the projector
e) This projector is the first to be launched in the market with a UHD resolution. 

In case you have seen it or heard about its many advantages, here are some of the reasons for consider this super-techno gadget:

1) The projector has a resolution of 4096 by 2160 that is better than other models of the same projector. It has the most recent advanced technology and is said to posses the best rated UHD output in the projector market. The entire physical appearance is smooth and come in a wide range of colors to choose from.

2) Another amazing feature about this projector is that it will see you saving room space. Unlike the other projectors which make use of zoom feature, this projector utilizes the less possible space and yet maintains its high quality HD images. For example, it can give good results while placed 40 cm away from the wall or screen. And that is not enough; you do not need to have it in dark rooms to make images visible. Sony has combined 2000 Lumen of light and laser technology to enable the projector produce super clear images in day light. That means the user will not need to be in total darkness to experience the best picture quality.


3) The structure of the 4k is different and matches no other in the market. The screen is automatic piece of design with a sideboard that closes by itself when not in use. It opens automatically upon switching on the system.

4) The entire Sony’s 4k has an inbuilt 40 Watts sound system that ensures clear and quality audio from your videos. This also ensures that there is no setting up of external speakers which may alter the sound by not matching the projector settings.

5) It has an inbuilt Sony color system that makes it deliver colors in their real nature. Images are sharp and maintain their original color including the outer lining.

The only thing to note before purchasing is to checkout for any possible imitations in the market. There are other products from other companies which have used the words 2k and 3k. Although 4K Projector is the only reported Sony’s product with the UHD ability and is said to replace big screens and home theaters soon. The price is high but everyone is hopeful that it will go slightly down once there is enough supply of it in the market. You can find a great list of available 4k projectors on this website.

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