Google home overview

Google Home overview

2018-05-03 | Deion | Leave a comment

Google used to be a web-based platform where you need to type in the exact right words to hopefully find some information. Later on, it became a verb – “just google it!” Doctors everywhere hated Dr. Google but the general population fell in love with the ease of information gathering. Nowadays we have smart technology that almost adds an electronic butler to your home, and once again Google transformed. Google listens, Google learns, Google answers. Depending on how you feel about this, it’s either awesome or super scary.

Google has launched its own electronic assistant – the Google home device. A sleek looking 5.62-inch device that will fit into any room seamlessly.  If you allow it to, the two microphone system listens to a range of questions and orders. When you wake up and need some go-go ask it to play your favorite morning playlist. If you need to hear the weather before you plan your wardrobe for the day, feel free to ask Google home about the forecast and current conditions. Do you have time for breakfast? Ask Google the time to work. The everyday applications are endless. Google home helps answer those questions that pop into our heads every second.

Do you require help with specific tasks? Google has it covered. You can add appointments to your calendar and google some facts to do a school project or prove you know everything. Have you ever gotten back from the grocery store just to walk in and remember you forgot to buy the cheese? Better ask Google to add that to your grocery list. Google will even walk you through the recipe.  Home can also help you call the kids from their bedrooms via Broadcast.

Looking at the technical specs, the Home weighs 1.05 lbs and comes in a two-tone body. This tiny white and grey device can connect you to your smart home by pairing up with over a thousand smart home apps and devices. Home supports all the usual input and output methods. You can stream AAC, MP3, WAV, FLAC, and Vorbis. The device can also be controlled by an app available for Android and Apple.  The only port on the actual device is a DC port and the top of the device has some buttons to control volume and, more importantly, turn off the microphone when it has to stop listening.

Google Home could become the brain of your home, and pretty soon, turning on the lights will also be considered “Googling it”