Why you need a smoothie maker instead of a blender

2018-02-10 | Deion | Leave a comment

This is a question that everyone who is getting into smoothies asks themselves. Although there’s not much difference, you have to know which one is the best for your purposes.

  1. Price
    The difference here is very significant, and it can affect a lot of your decision depending on your budget. There’s a wide range of prices for a blender, being the cheapest you can find $10.00, and up to $100.00 the most advanced ones. With smoothie makers is similarly but the cost is evidently higher since the less you can spend on one is around $30.00, and even $1,000.00!


  1. Functions
    Smoothie makers are called like that for one reason: they can just make perfect smoothies. If you try to make a smoothie with a regular blender, the chances are you end up getting a fruit juice with chunks of fruit and ice. Smoothie makers are specifically designed to crush ice, frozen fruits and vegetables and make the smoothest smoothie you can imagine of. You can get high-speed blenders which can make perfect smoothies too but are more expensive than smoothie makers.


  1. Appearance
    The basic function of both devices is just the same: blend. But the smoothie blender has two accessories that help to get the best result: a spigot and a stirring stick. The former is to distribute your blend, and the stirring stick is to help get all together and is attached to the lid, so you can avoid having to stop, get a spoon, stir and keep blending. It actually saves time!


  1. Keep frozen beverages
    The less ice you add, the less it waters down. That’s just a fact. With regular blenders, you could have to add more ice in order to keep it frozen, but losing flavor and consistency. Some smoothie blenders even have the ability to keep smoothies frozen thanks to its base, which has a freezing effect.

The bottom-line

The truth is, either with a smoothie maker or with a regular blender you’ll have a smoothie, but the result is going to be a little different, also you can save time with a smoothie maker since it’s powerful and will take less time to make perfect smoothies.

But if you just don’t care about time and the smoothest of smoothies, a regular blender can do the job. Feel free to choose what meets your needs!