7th April 2010

MEP Promotes EU Teaching Resource

North East Labour MEP, Stephen Hughes is hailing a newly launched resource in which students compete to save Europe from a deadly (fictional) outbreak of a new strain of highly contagious TB, called XDR-TB.

The idea of "Crisis Point" is to provide an engaging way in which students can learn about how Europe works, helping them understand the different roles of the European Commission and European Parliament, and how these institutions affect the lives of the millions of diverse citizens across Europe.

Students act out the roles of citizens, members of the European Parliament and European Commissioners and are required to make difficult choices about how to tackle the pandemic.

Crisis Point has recently received the Award for Excellence in EU Information Provision for 2010.

Stephen Hughes MEP, said: "We hope the prize will encourage teachers to play "Crisis Point" with their students and are delighted that over 200 schools have already signed up to use the resource".

"Crisis Point" is available at the Euroacademy site and is a classroom resource that offers a new way of teaching about the EU at Key Stages 3 and 4 that is compelling and exciting.

The Euroacademy website was created by the UK Office of the European Parliament and also provides information for teachers about other resources and conferences on the EU.


Contact Cyndi Beaver, Head of Staff, Researcher and Political Adviser for Stephen Hughes MEP on 07764198400 or Simon Duffin, UK European Parliament Office on 0207 227 4335 

EIA website:

The EU features in the Citizenship curriculum at Key Stages 3 and 4