21st January 2009

New rules "a major boost" for agency workers.

Labour members of the European Parliament have welcomed the announcement of government plans to give agency workers new rights today. Labour MEPs played an instrumental role in establishing the European legislation on which the new rules are based. They have also been lobbying hard to ensure that British agency workers get a fair deal as a result of the EU legislation. Stephen Hughes MEP and a life-long trade unionist, said: "It has not been easy getting to this point, but today's announcement will make a big difference for some of the most vulnerable people in our workforce. This is a major boost for agency workers, many of whom can now look forward to a fairer deal at work." "All too often colleagues doing exactly the same job, side by side, can be treated entirely differently. Today's announcement will help thousands of workers who've been the victims of an unfair two-tier workforce." "Colleagues will be concerned that many workers will need to wait until next year to access their rights, but that shouldn't obscure the fact that thousands of people will benefit from these new rules." "This is a great example of where Labour and Europe are making a real difference for working people." ENDS